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Vanguard VEO 3+ 303cbs Tripod

Vangaurd Tripod

Not a full review.

This was my first run out with this impressive tripod and how I found working with the equipment. I have been an ambassador for many years now, however, I have not been asked to complete this blog or say anything in advance. This is all my own findings.

The VEO 3+ 303CBS tripod from Vanguard is a top-of-the-line carbon fiber all-in-one tripod, featuring 30mm legs and a Multi-Angle Central Column (MACC) that suits various photography styles. It comes with the Arca-compatible dual-axis VEO BH-250S ball head and is available in both carbon fiber and aluminum, as well as in a travel size option.

Being a landscape photographer, height and elevation play a crucial role in capturing the perfect shot. Utilizing a tripod with a bullhead attachment allows me to easily achieve the desired perspective, whether looking down on a valley or capturing a higher angle of a lone tree.with myself Standing at 6 foot three, the tripod positions the camera perfectly at eye level, enhancing the overall experience. The Vanguard carbon fiber tripod not only impresses with its height but also with its stylish design and exceptional quality, surpassing the standards set by previous aluminium tripods. The tripod's weight is comfortable for carrying, providing excellent stabilization for capturing stunning landscape Vanguard's latest tripod designed for landscape photography offers exceptional height, catering to artists seeking unique perspectives. Beyond its suitability for landscape photographers, this versatile tripod is ideal for various creative endeavors. Boasting an impressive design and functionality, it stands out as an excellent choice for a wide range of users. However, its considerable height may not be suitable for everyone, prompting the need for a more compact travel tripod version to cater to different preferences and needs.

For now, however, let's have a look at my experience out in the Peak District with the VEO 3+ 303. CBS tripod.

vanguard tripod
VEO 3+ 303 cbs Tripod

The VEO 3+ 303cbs Tripod features a Multi-Angle Central Column that moves almost 360° for flexible positioning and can be used as a multi-mount with the VEO+ MA1 Adaptor. With a maximum load capacity of 25kg, it extends to 177cm (151cm with the center column down) and folds to 79cm, weighing 2.6kg. The tripod is equipped with easy set, solid twist locks for quick adjustments. It comes with a luxury padded tripod bag that includes a shoulder strap and internal zip-up pocket. Notably, it has been awarded the Testbench Gold Star Award by Amateur Photographer and received a 5-star review from Digital Camera World for its stability and versatility. Available in aluminum, this tripod can be purchased without a head, allowing users to select their preferred option. Explore the full range of VEO 3+ Ultra-Versatile Tripods for various photography needs or consider the VEO 3T+ Series for a travel-sized version. #MakeUpYourOwnMind.

Working parts of a tripod
Tripod adjustments

Making adjustments to this tripod is incredibly simple. Each section of the tripod is clearly marked for easy identification, with large or adjustable moments for precise changes. The twist lock legs, with their stylish design, can be effortlessly adjusted with a smooth twist, allowing you to quickly and easily position the tripod for your shot in a matter of seconds.

Tripod composed against a dry stone wall
Composing an image

Utilizing a tripod is essential in my photography process, enabling me to meticulously compose and capture the envisioned image. Recently, during an early morning venture in the serene Morelands of the Peak District National Park, I had the opportunity to thoroughly test the capabilities of this equipment. The tranquil setting provided ample time to experiment with different angles and settings, enhancing the quality of my photographic work.

dry stone wall in morning sunrise
dry stone wall

Out with fellow photographer Mark, we visited a sheep pen near a peak district to capture unique images. Despite the rising sun diminishing the light quality, our focus was not on optimal lighting but rather on utilizing my tripod effectively.

image set up

After exploring the area multiple times, I identified two potential compositions that could benefit from interesting elements and leading lines. The tripod demonstrated exceptional stabilisation, proving to be highly effective. In my opinion, the performance of this Vanguard tripod stands out as one of the best they have ever produced, even after just a brief period of use.

gate and sheep pen
old rusty gate

When considering the ideal tripod, personal preference plays a significant role. Personally, I prefer a tall tripod with sturdy, thick legs that is not overly lightweight. The tripod I favor features a stylish, quick, and easy-to-use moving system, meeting my requirements effectively. While I find this Vanguard tripod to be exceptional, for landscape photography, the option to remove the center column could enhance its suitability. Nonetheless, this minor suggestion does not detract from the overall versatility and quality of this tripod for a wide range of users.

snake like tree
Setting up an image

As a final step, we entered a local woodland at the top of the hill, where we selected a few other compositions for the future. Ideally, this would be ideal for a relaxing quiet foggy morning with the fog or mist creating an incredible sense of clarity and separation. By this time, the Sun was very high in the sky. As a result, the imagery was not fantastic, but we did have some decent shadows, and I could see the potential for the future from that perspective.

Snake like tree branch
Looking for compositions for the future

To learn more about this tripod, simply click on the photograph of myself standing with the tripod below, which will direct you to the Vanguard website

In summary

It is easily one of the best, and perhaps my favorite tripod from Vanguard. It is a delight to use, and as an all-round tripod, you know you are in good hands. The only small issue that may put some people off is the size, as it is quite thick-legged and tall enough for me at 6 feet three. This makes it perfect for me, however, for people who are a little smaller and seeking something lighter, I would recommend the travel tripod version available.

For my landscape photography, I would give it a five-star rating. for that very niche market of landscape photography.

It would only be possible to make this outstanding by removing or reducing the center column. As I mentioned earlier in the blog, this is only an issue for landscape photographers, as the Mark is a great all-round tripod that fits everyone perfectly. To make this a true reflection and honest blog, it is also important to mention this as a very small factor.

Finally, as a Vanguard, ambassador an affiliate code is available for anyone wanting to purchase this or any other Vanguard gear. The code is in the description at the end of the blog.

glowing tree

Kit used

Fuji Film Camera

Kase Filters UK

Canon 5D mark 1. image Credit Mark Naylor

iPhone images iPhone 14

Buffalo systems, special, six shirt

Photo editing using affinity studio

Vanguard VEO 3+ 303 cbs Tripod

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Cnp10 With all vanguard gear

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