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Chris Nowell

Welcome to this section of my website a description about myself and my landscape Photography.

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After eight years in the British Army where I completed a number of tours, including a peacekeeping tour of Northern Ireland  Followed by five months during the war in Iraq, specifically operation Telic. Before finally being injured on my last tour in Afghanistan after only three weeks in the country. 
I suffered neurological memory loss as well as sight loss in my right eye and the loss of vision in the peripherals of my left eye. I received help and care from the charity Blind Veterans UK who helped me to learn again to walk, read, write, do basic maths and other independent living skills. One specific course for me was the charity’s photography course. Being registered blind I decided to try a challenge, it took some time to find the right type of photography for me and I eventually landed on landscape photography, partly due to me living so close to the Peak District National Park. 
I spent lots of time researching locations, photography tips and skills. I used the internet to help and more specifically listening and watching YouTube videos. From this, I reached out to fellow landscape photographer and Dronfield lad, Mark Henson for a lift and help in the Peak District. 
After a while I was also contacted by a second Veteran and landscape photographer James Pictures. James and I spent time talking online together before finally meeting up for some landscape photography. We continue to be great friends completing many exciting adventures together. We have lots of plans for the future, which we will document through landscape photography.  
My photography from there has grown and grown, with a fairly decent Facebook following mostly due to what I believe my good reputation and attitude of never giving up. As well as my personal landscape photography in the Peak District National Park I now teach other members of Blind Veterans UK to learn new skills and refresh old skills such as 35 mm photography. Now I use photography as my personal rehabilitation and love every piece of the landscape in Derbyshire and the Peak District has to offer. 
It took me some time to research the right camera for me, in the end I landed on the Canon 5D Mark III. This model was perfect being a good heavy camera, with a large digital display and at the time, some fairly decent modern technology. After the past 10 years the camera has taken a few knocks and bumps. It is still technically working, though the top dial has broken meaning I am stuck on aperture priority mode!! I still live the camera and will always have a soft spot for the 5D MkIII. 
My first camera was a Fuji film bridge camera, more recently, with the damage of the trusted Canon camera I have returned back to Fuji-film and the Fujifilm XT3. Which I’m looking forward to use on many new adventures with the impressive technology the XT3 has. 
I am a proud ambassador of Vanguard photo UK. Check out their website or social media for all products such as tripods bags and accessories. I am also a community advocate for Kase Filters UK happily using their glass. 
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