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Mist on the outskirts of a woodland

Misty Giants


My relationship with Landscape Photography is just as important as Photographing Trees. Seasonal changes and the worlds oldest living organism as always been something that has entice me with my camera. Those Misty Mornings enhanced by the Element is life in landscape Photography. 


This is one off those locations in the peak district National Park that can definitely be overlooked. Arguably there's nothing there in fact about a mile down the way the path disappears to nothing. Which is actually what caught my attention whilst researching on Google Maps. After a small amount of trips here picking out a few compositions we got lucky one morning with the conditions and we were really excited. I was joined with my friend and fellow landscape photographer Andy Evers and it will be one of those occasions I will treasure just for that good feeling of nailing an image.

Foggy conditions Barlow Derbyshire

Barlow Derbyshire 

It is so true that some times you cannot see the light through the trees. At the same time it is true that you can walk past the same scenery hundreds of times and not always pay attention.  Sometimes walking the dog means you have your head down. Also social media and the busy life we have these days sometimes means we are just distracted by the smart phone or what's going on in our lives. 

This image is a perfect example of this. I know I've walked past the seen a number of times and not noticed the separation in the trees. Perhaps with the full canopy of the trees you cannot see the composition. However on this occasion everything was pretty perfect with nice balance good separation and a decent amount of fog to increase the clarity. Happily putting this image into my portfolio.

Gadoms Edge foggy morning


For some such scenery as this can be somewhat haunting. I remember this occasion well and the first thing that comes to mind is the absolute silence. A cold February morning with glorious foggy conditions and the absolute silence of nothing. It took some time to hear any birds it was also silent for the traffic back down on the road it really was an eerie silence filling this landscape. The fog lingered for sometime due to the fact there was no wind which really enhanced the silence.

Such conditions are such a treat and I would give anything to go back there and be able to recreate such conditions whenever I wanted giving me more time to pick out these excellent compositions. I think on this occasion I had to get back for the school run which is why I remember it being limited however it's definitely one that I will never forget and I'm privileged to have experienced such conditions out in nature. 

Bluebell woodland

Bluebell Woods

Over the years my luck with bluebells has been up and down. I have had occasions where I have achieved absolutely nothing during this season and on other occasions I've been fairly lucky. May 2022 however was a very pleasant surprise and one I was very happy with. Perhaps not the greatest photo ever taken and I'm still searching for more luck with photographing bluebells however I was pleasantly surprised this year. Instead of searching some of the well-known Peak District locations I instead decided just to stay more local. Just on the outskirts of Dronfield is this pleasant woodland and the bluebells here for this year were the best I've ever seen them. I'm not sure if it was the weather the Dry Spell or the heat we had earlier in the year but everything came together perfectly for these little flowers.

In three weeks I re-visited this location so many times and I was so excited just waiting for the right conditions. Sadly I didn't get any Mist or Fog but everything else came together perfectly given me just what I wanted for this season. 

Bamford  edge suset
Bamford Edge 


Curbar Edge Sunset
Curbar Edge


Derwent edge sunset
Derwent Edge


whispering trees

Peaceful November morning
mam tor
Mam Tor

The classic Peak District view of Mam Tor together with a awesome temperature inversion.

whisper walk

Skeleton trees.

Although it's cold this location in December really comes alive with those empty trees looking like skeletons. The empty shells of what they once were is now gone engulfed by the morning fog.

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