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Mist on the outskirts of a woodland

Misty Giants

Landscape photography is just as important to me as photographing trees. Throughout my photographic career, seasonal changes and the world's oldest living organism have always captivated me. It is the misty mornings enhanced by the element that are the essence of landscape photography. 


It is one of those locations in the Peak District National Park that can easily be overlooked. Approximately a mile down the path, the path disappears to nothing. During my research on Google Maps, this is what caught my attention. Having made a few trips here to pick out a few compositions, we got lucky one morning with the conditions and were extremely excited. It was an occasion I will treasure just for the feeling of nailing an image.

Foggy conditions Barlow Derbyshire

Barlow Derbyshire 

It is true that there are times when you cannot see the light through the trees. On the other hand, it is true that you can walk past the same scenery hundreds of times without always paying attention. There are times when walking the dog requires you to keep your head down. Additionally, social media and the hectic pace of life we lead these days can sometimes cause us to be distracted by our smartphones.

An excellent example of this can be seen in the image below. Although I have walked past the sight a number of times, I have not noticed the separation in the trees. The composition may not be visible due to the full canopy of trees. However on this occasion everything was pretty perfect with nice balance good separation and a decent amount of fog to increase the clarity. Happily putting this image into my portfolio.

Gadoms Edge foggy morning


The memory of a cold February morning with dense fog and absolute silence remains vivid. The eerie quietude enveloped the landscape, delaying the usual sounds of birds and traffic. The stillness was intensified by the lack of wind, prolonging the fog's presence. Such rare atmospheric conditions are cherished, offering an opportunity for uninterrupted focus on capturing remarkable compositions. Despite the brief visit due to prior commitments, the experience lingers as a privileged encounter with nature's tranquil beauty.

Bluebell woodland

Bluebell Woods

Over the years, my luck with bluebells has been inconsistent. There have been seasons where I achieved nothing, while others were more fortunate. However, May 2022 brought a delightful surprise that left me very pleased. Although the photo may not be the greatest ever taken, I am still in search of better luck in capturing the beauty of bluebells. This year, instead of exploring well-known locations in the Peak District, I decided to stay local. Just on the outskirts of Dronfield, there is a charming woodland where the bluebells were the most stunning I have ever seen. I'm not sure if it was the weather, the dry spell, or the earlier heat, but everything aligned perfectly for these delicate flowers.


Over the course of three weeks, I revisited this location numerous times, eagerly awaiting the right conditions. Unfortunately, I did not encounter any mist or fog, but everything else fell into place.

Bamford  edge suset
Bamford Edge 


Curbar Edge Sunset
Curbar Edge


Derwent edge sunset
Derwent Edge


whispering trees

Peaceful November morning
mam tor
Mam Tor

The classic Peak District view of Mam Tor together with a awesome temperature inversion.

whisper walk

Skeleton trees


I have visited this very popular location many times over the years. However, this has got to be my favorite image of all time. Viewing the imagery from this morning always transports me back to that silent, but stunning moment.

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