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1- two- 1  Workshops Available

£90 for 3 hours.

A time of day of your chosing Time

photo of person and camera

Aimed at beginners this workshop Will kickstart your journey into landscape photography or simply refresh some old skills. 

As a non-driver the workshop can be in the Dronfield Area or out in the Peak District if the client is available to Drive

Firstly we will make sure we understand how to use your camera or dust off the cobwebs. We will then discuss the fundamentals of landscape photography. This is the basics of photography also known as the exposure triangle. We can also discuss equipment such as filters and how to expose correctly.

The client is advised to dress appropriately for all outdoor weathers this can be clothing and equipment such as waterproofs and walking boots. Plus any dietary or medical issues the client will provide themselves. Simply contact me Direct by email or phone call to discuss a plan. 

Derbyshire hill side sunrise no

Perhaps you are very confident and knowledgeable with your camera already. This workshop is also available for those who just need a bit of help finding locations in the peak district. With over a decade of experience exploring the Peak District National Park you are in safe hands with me.

Gardoms Edge at Sunris
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