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Chris Nowell  Photography

Landscape and Nature Photography

Blind veteran

Foggy tree and txt
David Noton and Chris Nowell

David Noton & Chris Nowell In the Peak District 

The journey into landscape photography began after I was injured in Afghanistan. Before this, however, I have always been a natural seeker of the classic British countryside. Throughout my life, I have always felt most comfortable in peaceful woodlands and open landscapes on a hillside. 


In the aftermath of a short eight year military career, then being injured in Afghanistan and suffering memory loss and blindness for life, landscape photography was a natural choice for me as a way to heal. 


This has continued to be so for over a decade now, however, at the beginning of my journey into landscape photography, one such photographer called David Noton inspired me with his imagery. In addition to a DVD titled chasing the light, many publications and an inspiration had got me hooked for life. 


My landscape photography in the Peak District National Park eventually led me to spend some time with David Noton, who helped me improve my photography by finding sidelight and working the composition correctly. 

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winnats pass
misty tree line
foggy trees
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