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VEO Active 46

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Hello and welcome to this blog about the Vanguard VEO Active 46. It is important to state at the very beginning I am a Vanguard ambassador, however I have not been asked to do this. This is all based on my own opinion and I am completely honest about my findings.

There will be a link to the Vanguard website at the end which will direct you to the full specifications and size information. This bag is one of four recently released by Vanguard, the 42, 46, 49 and 53. Each bag is available in a light black or green colouring. If you were to purchase this bag, I would highly recommend you choose the correct size bag for you. I’m 6’2” an the larger bags work perfectly for me and my photography needs.

Personally I would just prefer something slightly bigger in the size of the 53 for more room in the bag for other items. This comes down to personal choice and needs which is why there are four sizes to suit your individual requirements.

External look

As previously mentioned, the bag is available in two colours, green and light black. This individual bag is green and I personally really like that colour. This time round Vanguard have opted for a new looking material. Instead of a sleek plain finish, these bags are completed with a nice mini chequered look throughout. The bag has two waist straps to go over your hip and waist. This is to prevent any stress on your back for long days out. Each strap has a metal loop which is ideal to connect other items using a carabiner. With that the use of a head torch or water bottle is ideal. Further down the straps there are two individual foldaway pockets, which can be used to carry small items including small bottles of drink. When the straps are not being used, the ability to fold them away in my opinion is fantastic.

On the waist line strap there is a small zipped bag. With the other side having a good sized loop which I happily used a carabiner and clicked onto my dog lead. To finish off on the waist there is a nice adjustable clip and is always good bright orange zips throughout.

Looking round to the front of the bag, on each side there is a nice long zipped compartment. To start off with a label with the symbol of a water bladder is a great feature. The fact this bag has the ability to use a water bladder/camelback is a fantastic feature in my opinion. With the use of a water bladder and the long water tube this can then go along the strap and clip onto the metal hooks as previously mentioned giving you water on the go. However, if you were not wanting to use this compartment as a water bladder there is enough room in there to put in a small item of clothing such as jumper, shirt or small jacket depending on your size.

On the same size there are two hooks which can be adjusted and the use of a tripod can be connected.

On the other side there was another symbol this time a picture of a electric bolt/USB connection. Inside this zip do you will find a warning about keeping an adapter dry. Here is a fantastic feature with this bag inside this zip you will find a USB connection. With this you can then use a Power bank to charge up your phone or devices a really good feature in my opinion. I have a solar rechargeable power bank and this works brilliantly with this bag. Further down the bag on the side there is a adjustable loop perfect for a water bottle. Looking on the front of the bag you will find another clip which can be used to connect a second tripod. Looking down the bag at the bottom you will find a nice Vanguard symbol.

At the very top there is a nice and strong metal clip which houses is a good size compartment. Unclipping this compartment you can see the size of this compartment in impressive. Also inside the compartment you will find a second drink holder or padded large lens holder which can be collected at a few places throughout the bag or worn on your trousers/belt buckle. Then finally at the top of the bag there is another zip which goes all the way down to the bottom and this will then take you into the inserts which we will discuss next also there is another carrying handle.

Internal look

Inside the bag you will find two individual sleeves for a 14 inch laptop and 10 inch tablet. After this the internal compartment of the bag can be removed which is a really good feature. Meaning you can use this bag on its own as a backpack without the camera compartment.

The internal compartments can be pulled out of the bag using a good sized hook on top. This part of the bag can be unzipped 3/4 of the way around giving you access to the camera equipment. As always a nice bright yellow finish can be found throughout the inside and lots of room for different camera equipment. There is room to fit up to 5 lenses or cameras no more than 300mm size. Housed in this part of the bag as well you will receive a rain cover to go over the bag with a nice grey finish. I am not 100% sure how waterproof these are I think they will give you a limited amount of waterproofing but to be honest the bag is very good on its own so together I think you'll be fine. Included again is a zipped pocket which can hold memory cards and filters etc

One great thing this bag offers is security. All Vanguard bags offer a huge amount of security in protection for your camera gear as they are heavily padded bags. However this bag has the fantastic features that whilst wearing the bag it is then almost impossible for anyone to get into your photography equipment. I have friends who have experienced theft across the world and there's nothing worse than losing your photography equipment because it was easy to reach. This bag is definitely not easy for others to get to your photography equipment whilst you are wearing it.

This can somewhat be a bit of a double edged weapon because you no longer have rear or side access to get to your gear as you do with other Vanguard bags, but that is the good compromise.

In summary

To start off with the look of this bag is by far my favourite of all Vanguard bags. The green colouring at first is fantastic however the grey is also just as good and that comes down to is your choice of colours. This additional ability to have the support of power banks is a huge help to charge up your devices/smart phones whilst out photographing. All in all there's absolutely nothing I dislike about the bag, it is truly fantastic my only improvement for me personally would to choose the larger option of 53 which is down to my height and gait. Vanguard have put together yet again a brilliant bag which will suit the needs for so many. Whether you are out completing landscape photography adventures like myself or hiding away in a hide photographing those colourful Birds this bag will suit many needs.


Check out the video for an even closer look

Thanks To Andy Evers Photography

Vanguard blog

A blog has been put together by fellow Vanguard Ambassador and landscape photographer David Brightwell which will give you more information about the VEO Active 53. If you wanted to look at the other size bag and you can see this information in the photo below.

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