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Trips and adventure

Bamburgh Castle Northumberland
Image credit Scott Reed

When possible a trip or adventure is a must have for all landscape photographers. Whether it be travelling across the UK or abroad your Everest can be however big or small you wish it to me. To that end let's have a quick look at some of my adventures over the years.

The Isle of skye.

February 2014

I already believed that Photography was going to be a big part of my life however there was one special morning in particular on the Isle of skye which confirmed everything.

We have arrived shortly after sunrise at a location that would soon become an important landmark in my journey to become a landscape photographer. Taking a deep breath of the cold February air, and immediately soaking in the absolute silence of the morning chorus, is an experience I will never forget.

Instead of planes, cars, people, talking or any other distracting elements, there was only the creeping Reeds moving in harmony with the temperature, the change in the water, or movement of the water, looking for a composition. Walking along the water's edge, I observed a set of otters slowly sweeping through the water and occasionally diving down to catch fish.

Reflection of water Reeds
Creeping water Reeds

I did not even get excited and set up my tripod right away. After standing there admiring the landscape, I realized that landscape photography was definitely the way forward for me. In the early stages of my photographic career, I was still very new to the field. I had already traveled to Rome with my brother-in-law or photographed members of blind Veterans UK in the UK and the United States. I quickly realized, however, that landscape photography was definitely the direction I wanted to take.

Isle of Skye
Loch Cill Chriosd

During our trip, we had the pleasure of being guided by the talented Dave Hicky, a former staff member at Blind Veterans UK Sheffield center. We participated in a photography workshop led by Dave, and it was a refreshing learning experience, especially since most of my photography skills have been self-taught. Recently, Dave published the "Photographer’s Guide to the Isle of Skye," a remarkable accomplishment that took him a decade to complete. This guide is a treasure trove of location details, information, and stunning imagery. You can easily get your hands on this gem on Amazon, his website, or by simply checking out the photo of myself, David, and Simon below.

Sligachen Waterfall


Vik Beach Sunrise

A few years back, I got the chance to join a trip to Iceland with the military charity Blesma. We spent 10 days exploring the stunning south coast, and let me tell you, it was one heck of an adventure! I got to hang out with some amazing folks from the charity and caught up with old friends from back in the day. Blesma does some seriously awesome work, offering support to military personnel and veterans dealing with injuries sustained during service, including those affecting their legs or mobility. They even extend their help to Blind Veterans members, which is where my connection comes in. I've got to say, Blesma is one fantastic group, and this journey with them was absolutely incredible.

Green mountain with a small village underneath
Small homestead

Green and white ice



Victorian Pierre
liandudno Pierre

Before the pandemic, I regularly visited the North Wales Center of Blind Veterans UK. In this period, I volunteered my services as a photographer, helping others refresh old skills or get up to speed with more modern digital equipment. However, the photography week has not resumed since the pandemic, which is unfortunate. However, I have some great memories of going down to the pier at sunrise to photograph the morning chorus, and watching other members photograph the sunset in this area.

Curvature of the seaside town
Llandudno in the evening light


Castle in the morning night
Dunstanburgh castle

During my first trip to Northumberland, I was accompanied by a fellow member of Vanguard and ambassadors, as well as my dear friend James Pictures. James and I traveled together to camp and met Scott. We photographed some of the obvious landmarks such as castles and coastal locations and overall, this was a fantastic three-day trip

Myself with a tripod and a cast on the distance
Dunstanburgh Castle

Wet morning beach
Bamburgh castle blue hour

Castle in the distance with a foreground rock pool
Bamburgh castle in the evening light

North Yorkshire Coast

A recent trip that I took with James Pictures and another photographer friend, Matthew Oliver, was one of my more recent trips. During this time, we spent a few days photographing the north Yorkshire coast and some of the local landmarks. As we came across many photogenic opportunities for the future and will hopefully return to them in the near future, this was a quick but very enjoyable weekend spent with good friends, one I hope to recreate sometime in the future.

Long exposure image

The sea water pulling away
Long exposure image

A view looking at a seaport

Different coloured borders
Colourful boulder composition

I trust that after perusing this, you may have found a modicum of inspiration to embark on your own journey and explore a destination you aspire to capture through photography or simply experience. Your individual Everest can be as modest or grandiose as you desire, yet undertaking that expedition is the essence of it all.

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