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The photography show

I am glad to announce I will be attending the photography show once more and representing Vanguard Photo UK as an ambassador. I will be there on the Saturday you can find me on the Vanguard stand on Stand C500. Myself and the other ambassadors and staff can happily show you all of the Vanguard equipment such as bags tripods accessories and more.

Here are a few other things to look out for during the show which takes place the 17th 18th 19th and 20th of September. And you can pick up your show tickets here in the link below.


Stand C500

As previously mentioned come to the Vanguard stand on C 500 on any of the days and talk to a number of experienced photographers and ambassadors for all your Camera Bag tripod information. The majority are like myself photographers who actually use the equipment themselves so we understand what we are talking about, also can give a good demonstration on how to use the bags and tripods effectively.

Stand J305

In a slightly different location from last year Kase filters will be exhibiting on stand J305. Here you can talk to the experts and pick up your preferred glass again discussing things with ambassadors and experts.

Stand J500

Fuji film will be situated on stand J 500. Throughout the four days they have a number of speakers to hear, ambassadors and photographers who use the Fuji film range. As well as a chance to pick up your camera or lens of choice there's lots to enjoy with Fujifilm.

Stand H190

As always the disabled photography society will be exhibiting and you can find them on stand H190. Here you can discuss help and advise for disabled photographers learn how the charity works and pick up yourself a nice bargain. Throughout the year the disabled photographer society receives a number of donations towards photography equipment of which it sells on the stand at the photography show so you can definitely come along and pick up a bargain.

Stand B802

Since 2015 affinity photo has been helping photographers like myself get the best out of their photography through editing. Not only that but it is powerful editing software with a easy process of workflow. Of course there are other software systems available but this is the one I always come back to and the one I enjoy the most. You can find the helpful team on stand B802. They've always been very helpful with me online as I was learning the system at the beginning and they can definitely help you in person. Software is also available on tablet and PC now not just Mac.

A Few other stands to look out for.

Although I have not printed anything out for a long time due to printer issues you can also pick up some good printing paper from a number of stands.

Perma Jet And Photospeed are the two obvious ones and you can see them both on stand

( Perma Jet ) M504. (Photospeed) D600

Further to this another good company I quite like using for my canvases canvas bay will be on stand M203 the only canvas company I would ever recommend after years of trouble with some this place is the one I always come back to.

Of course you can find the usual suspects of Canon and Nikon battling it out but whatever camera you use or equipment helps you, You'll l definitely come across it at the photography show and learn more whilst you're going. Photo guide books magazine companies Photo editing software such as Affinity Photo Witch is what I use opposed to Lightroom Photoshop. You can find it here all in one place.

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