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The L bracket

If like myself you are a landscape photographer the chances are you've heard of or are currently using an L bracket for your photography. These devices give you the quick availability to change your composition from landscape to portrait with very little effort, whilst hopefully keeping the composition level Plus with minimal change.

Perhaps like myself last year you are wondering do I really need an hour bracket I don't think there for me nor do I think it would really improve my photography but I am here to tell you you are definitely wrong. I put it off for a long time not believing it would improve my life in anyway but last year when I finally jumped into the pool I instantly saw a big difference in how I control my compositions.

The device I was using already was cheap and nasty plastic and nothing exciting. Then a few weeks ago a company called pig iron gave me the opportunity to review one of the universal brackets. There are a big number of our brackets out on the market and most of the time finding one that would fit your specific camera would be ideal especially getting to the camera compartments or cables. However this can be very expensive sometimes in the hundreds which is why this universal device intrigued me.


*Allows the user to quickly change from landscape to portrait orientation.

*Universal capability with most Arca Swiss quick release tripod head.

* Designed to fit digital SLR and Mirrorless cameras.

* Machined from tough anodised alloy

* High quality rubber inserts to protect your camera and prevent slipping

Boring specifications out of the way first things first does this device work?

The easy answer is yes it works and feels very good. I used this together with the Fujifilm XT3 and gave it a quick test with the old digital SLR Canon 5D Mark three and both times it worked just fine. It was only a quick test with the digital SLR just to check it fitted okay therefore I can happily say it works just fine however for the rest of this blog/review we will be talking with the Mirrorless system.

As previously mentioned a L bracket gives you the ability to switch from portrait to landscape whilst keeping the composition level throughout. This means the days of letting the tripod flip down whilst changing from landscape to portrait are over instead it is a case of keeping everything nice level and controlled at all times.

You can see in the two images the tripod remained stationary but the composition changed from portrait to landscape and kept completely level throughout which is identified with the green Digital indicator.

For the ability to change from landscape to portrait in the seconds this device works 100% and I would highly recommend it. Also the quality of the device is great it is strong metal and very easy to screw onto the camera then giving you that ability to switch from portrait to landscape in seconds I have zero complaints. In fact overall there's nothing I can say negatively after all this is a universal bracket and would never work 100% with every camera of which I will explain next.

The only limitations to this L bracket is the fact you cannot get to the camera battery compartment without taking it off. This to most people Will not even be a huge problem in fact the only problem will occur if you are out for a long time or if you need to keep your tripod perfectly level whilst photographing star trails for example then cannot change the composition in anyway. For most a battery change is a normal event which changes the chain of thought anyway. Using a camera like the Fuji film XT3 is a slight pain anyway due to the fact the batteries never last that long. Not compared to many digital SLRs so you're probably used to a quick battery change already therefore for the price of less than £20 in the UK you cannot grumble with this strong quality L bracket in my opinion.

The option is also out there to shop around and find the right L bracket for your camera to give you access to all compartments of most cameras but this does often come with a heavy cost therefore I would happily recommend this L bracket for use of Mirrorless cameras and digital SLR users.

To finish off you can check out some of the imagery I've captured using this hour bracket over the last few weeks.

Portrait orientated photograph at 10 mm

1x1 Square crop landscape photograph

Landscape photograph Curbar edge Peak District.

Five image bracketed photograph on a still morning.

I've put it off for a long time picking up a L bracket for the first time. Listening to the YouTubers going on about how great they were just kept putting me off however I would definitely highly recommend them and I would always use one now for my landscape photography which is why like me if you don't want to spend a huge amount of money this is a good place to start by checking out this impressive L bracket from pig iron. This item is available on their website alternatively check out Amazon at the link below by clicking on the photograph below.

Thank you

Chris Nowell photography

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