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Ridgeline clothing

I recently made contact with a outdoor clothing company called Ridgeline Clothing. Based in the UK and New Zealand Ridgeline produce a large amount of excellent outdoor clothing. From jackets coats all the way down to impressive footwear and much more.

After a few weeks of conversation I was kindly sent one item in particular the ( RIPSTORM LITE SHIRT)

Initially this stood out to me due to my military background I've been wearing very similar items of clothing for over 20 years and throughout my eight years in the British Army similar items of clothing have kept me warm dry and comfortable with that tough outdoor lifestyle. Now I am a Veteran and Landscape photographer I still require the same amount of warmth and protection in my day-to-day life in the Peak District National Park

* ripstop fabric

* premium fleece lined

* two way zips

* large chest pocket

* zipped hand warmer pocket

* pack away into small size

I have been wearing the shirt now for just over four weeks. And then that time the temperatures have dropped rapidly with the most recent days being extremely cold. The shirt has been worn on a daily basis firstly just to take the dog for a quick walk in the morning and out on the hills of the Peak District National Park to really test the cold temperatures. I have also been wearing the shirt in my local Woodland for landscape photography and dog walks.

The first thing to mention is why I called it a shirt. This is because of how you are supposed to wear the item being used just as that a shirt. To get the full benefits of this item it should be used on the skin or as Close as possible. This can seem quite alien for some people however for those with a military background more specifically the infantry/cavalry it will make perfect sense. It is on the skin where this item really will give you the best benefits and if needed to put another item of clothing on top that way you will be 100% warm or dry if it is a waterproof and you will not need anything else. However I've been using it on its own for the last four weeks and I have not needed to add another item and to be honest I try not to to keep the amount of clothing down to a absolute minimum.

The shirt has two lower zips which is designed to have a inside hand warming compartment. As well as that a large chest pocket above provides a large size pocket for map sized items. Good Velcro on the end of the sleeves which also keeps your hands nice and warm and wind protected. The shirt has a very good two-way zip which is designed to regulate warmth and cool when the temperatures are either hot or cold.

Overall I am very happy with this item and look forward to wearing it a lot over the winter period which has really begun now as the temperatures have rapidly dropped. Please check out a video below which highlights a lot of the items I've just discussed with more detail and a link to the Ridgeline Clothing website so you can have a full check yourself of the fantastic items they have to offer.


The link to the Ridgeline website is above and please check out the video below via YouTube for more information.

I would happily put my name with Ridgeline Clothing and look forward to working with them again in the future. If you are like myself and live for the outdoors you will not go wrong with Ridgeline Clothing.

YouTube video below



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