• Chris Nowell

Poppy Field

Photographing a poppy field is something I look forward to on a annual basis, in fact it can be quite disappointing when the elements go against me or the fields just don't have the elements needed for landscape photography in their crop. The Peak District can often offer a number of locations both for big open fields of poppies or just a small amount of compositions. However there is nothing I prefer more than having a location more local to me to spend more time at this location and not having to travel too far or rely on the help of others.

Lucky enough for me this year I have such an area within 3 miles of home I've been lucky enough to enjoy some landscape photography and enjoying the poppies at the same time. You can see the results in the video below again not something I do enough of but I wanted to try and make more of an effort this time to do the video with it being so local. That end please check out the link below and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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