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I was recently contacted by a company called Plexar interiors who offered me an opportunity to collaborate using one of my images for the metal products. Whether this did sound like a great idea and an opportunity I was very grateful of I'd give it some thought and thought of a slightly better idea. Yes I would happily collaborate with them but at the same time why don't we make this project a little bit more interesting.

A slight backstory of how we got to this, some of you may be aware of my injuries in Afghanistan and how I became a landscape photographer after the help and rehabilitation from blind Veterans UK. It was at the Sheffield centre of the charity I met a chap called Dave Hickey who soon retired and moved to the Isle of Skye where at the beginning they've completed workshops and learnt all about the Area. Before long they've decided to put together a book photographing the Isle of Skye and over the next 10 years or more they've put together a really impressive piece of work.

So to help Dave get more content out there whilst advertising the book which is available on Amazon I thought collaborating with the company using one of the images by Dave could be a good collaboration piece. Of course I also checked with the people of Plexar interiors as well and they also quite liked the idea so it all made perfect sense.

Plexar Interiores

The product soon arrived and I was quite excited to get it open and have a good luck. After receiving permission from Dave and explaining my idea he sent me an image of a Location called loch Leven. Not actually somewhere I am that familiar with but once opening the product I could see the reflection of the water with the metal photograph looked outstanding. The perfect calm water nicely reflected in the morning Blue light silhouetted perfectly with this metal material photograph. Technically the crop isn't that of the original photograph sent by Dave as this is in fact a A4 sample piece that the company sent me. But you can see the great quality in the imagery without the full crop.

As suspected the image works perfectly with that wonderful reflected and polarised water. The sky above also looks punchy and bright due to the good imagery of Dave and the product itself.

So who would want to use a photograph like this for themselves?

To start off with it's just another option from the original styles of framed photographs and canvases. This is an option to keep everything quite flat and stuck to a wall with minimal size and weight. Although I'm not completely aware of the weight of an extremely large photograph all I can see is this one practically Weights nothing. It would be great for someone to upload an image of a family portrait or memorable event they are quite proud of. Further to that it would be awesome for many types of businesses. Such as bars restaurants retail businesses museums or exhibitions really the list is endless. There is an option to request a sample on the website is a great service to check that you would be happy using this type of photograph.

A link to the website can be found in the image above just by clicking on the photograph. I would also like to take this time to Thank Plexar interiors for the great opportunity reviewing their Smart looking product. It is definitely a new option of imagery or framing which could definitely suit many away from the original styles of framing a photograph. I would highly recommend this product and hopefully look forward to working with the company again. In the meantime however instead of just looking at this blog I also put together a quick video with my findings which can be found below. If anyone would like to look at the photography of Dave Hickey or information about the book you can see that here.

Finally the last part of this project will be Dave and I discussing the book itself and some of the locations that you could photograph and this will be in a video form shortly

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