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My autumn Adventure

Spring on reflection wasn't that successful with my Photography. To that end I was very keen to come away with some decent photographs throughout the up-and-coming autumnal season. As the trees showed off the best of the colours and the misty mornings returned I escape to my local woodland and enjoyed the peace and quiet of nature.

I do not want to put anyone off with long text boxes and the idea of me rabbiting on too much about how I enjoy photographing my local Woodland. To that end get yourself a hot cup of tea and coffee or beverage of your choice and just enjoy my recent efforts of photographing the local forests and woodlands.

As the colours really began to show off it was my local woodland I was exploring first. I was so surprised to get back to nature enjoy listening to the dawn chorus and the sound of crows and buzzards flying above. But what shocked me the most was the lack of human interaction. Not in a negative way at all it is just been a long time since I went out with the camera and didn't bump into another person. Trips out to the peak District for example I always bump into a friend or make a new one. However it is the local woodland I have really enjoyed recently and enjoyed it even more so just because I was all alone so many times. Not that there's anything wrong with bumping into a friend or someone new however sometimes there's nothing like having the idea of nature or to yourself.

Next it was off to the Peak District and with fog and mist predicted it made perfect sense to head down to Bole Hill Quarry.

It is actually been about 2 1/2 maybe three years since I visited this location plus I've never really photographed it with fantastic fog or mist such as this. Knowing exactly where I wanted to go made it easy I just had to hope the conditions did not burn off in the recent warm temperatures. I for one can't remember a November this warm and can't remember the autumnal colours being so late into the month so with the fog predicted I was very excited to head out for an adventure.

The mist and fog did not disappoint nor did it disappear very fast in fact I had about three hours to enjoy these incredible conditions and I try to make the most of it. I was joined with local friend Graham Gill Photography and we only came across a handful of people a small amount of dog walkers a few friendly photographers and one chap collecting mushrooms.

This is the photograph I spent most of the time on. It was this sort of photograph I was looking for and exploring all around the trees picking out a certain type of composition which shows almost perfect separation if it's possible. However as anyone will confess photographing any woodland is never perfect and you have to compromise whilst photographing trees and this was the best of my efforts.

After walking around this section of small silver birch wood looking for separation and gaps plus hoping for a photograph where no tree was touching another I settled in the end on this composition. Just as I was aware nature is not perfect and photographing any woodland like this it is almost impossible to find a perfect photograph. This was the best I could come up with where the majority of the trees were not touching each other in the foreground and in the distance. Probably over 90% of these trees in this photograph are not touching each other and that is the exact type of photograph I was searching for so in the end I composed this area and captured something quite special on this pleasant silent foggy morning.

After working on that long composition I explored more of the area and picked out lots of compositions for future trips. The peace and quiet continued with pockets of warm light before changing cold tones once more as I went up and down the hillside and quarry. This is a funny location in that it's always really quiet and every now and again you come across a random friendly cow which definitely made me chuckle a little bit.

On reflection it's definitely been a fairly decent autumnal season. Of which I'm really glad after such a flat spring and disappointing last few years when it comes to landscape photography. Maybe things are picking up now and a form of normality will continue.

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Chris Nowell Photography

(All Photographs taken using Canon camera Vanguard tripod and Kase filter system)


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