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Kase filters uk

Kase Filters
Kase Filters UK

I am certainly not an expert in the field of optical glass. Neither do I take the time to understand the science behind the method, however I am certain that Kase filters are on par with the leading experts and as the punchline states, capture with confidence, it certainly makes perfect sense. Instead of reviewing the ins and outs of Kase Filters, I would like to point out why I am proud to use them.

What are filters

Circular Polarising filters

Neutral Density (ND) graduated filters

Reversed grad filters

In landscape photography, filters are essential tools that can enhance your images in ways that digital editing alone cannot replicate. While it's true that some effects can be recreated in post-processing, the unique impacts of certain filters, like polarizers and neutral density filters, cannot be mimicked later on. As a firm believer in getting the shot right in-camera, I find it disappointing when photographers rely too heavily on editing software to salvage their images. The real fun in photography begins when you master the art of combining these filters to capture stunning landscapes without depending on digital fixes. I bet we've all been there - capturing a beautiful moment only to end up with a photo that's either got a sky as white as a sheet or a foreground so dark it's practically invisible. Some photographers might brush it off with a casual "I'll fix it later," but let's face it, that's not always a quick fix. It's frustrating when the sky is so blown out that there's just no coming back from it. It's like trying to salvage a burnt toast - sometimes it's just beyond repair.

Polarising filter.

Polarizing filters are like magic for your camera lens, cutting through the annoying haze and reflections to make your photos pop. They work by blocking out the pesky polarized light bouncing off surfaces like water and glass, giving you more control over your shots. Most photographers swear by circular polarizing filters for their versatility - just twist it one way to get rid of reflections, and the other way to make them stand out. It's like having a secret weapon in your camera bag, and if you're not using one, you're missing out big time. Myself using the kase magnetic revolution filters. This skill is now made even easier with just a simple turn of the filter after the quick magnetic clip on.

ND filter.

In its simplest form, Neutral Density filters are simply darkened glass filters, which are placed between the subject and the camera sensor. Most often, they are screwed into the lens or, more commonly, they are attached to the lens with a magnet. The neutral density filter reduces all wavelengths of light reaching your camera's sensor, ensuring that colour reproduction is not affected.

Reversed grad filter

Before using the new revolution filters from kase these were my favorite choice, especially for sunrise and sunset.

When you're shooting with the sun near the horizon, the reverse grad filter is the way to go. It's got this cool hard-to-soft graduation thing going on that blocks out the intense light near the horizon while keeping the sky above looking natural. I mean, who wouldn't want a more balanced and natural-looking shot, right? Plus, you've got options with 2-, 3-, and 4-stop light blocking densities. It's a no-brainer, really.

Hope Valley
Winnats pass Sunrise

Revolution filters Kase Magnetic Circular Filters

The Kase Magnetic Circular Filters are made from the same tough, colour neutral pro glass as our square filters, so you can be assured of your image quality and still have peace of mind whatever the conditions.

These filters are a must-have for anyone not looking to lug around a bulky square system. They're lightweight, compact, and a convenient addition to your camera gear. The set includes stackable neutral density filters and a CPL, catering to both photographers and videographers by offering control over reflections and light. Trust me, missing out on these would be a real shame.

The color-coded filters are a game-changer! With the colored rings, I can easily pick out the right one at a glance. No more fumbling around trying to figure out which filter is which. It's a lifesaver for my limited vision and will definitely streamline my landscape photography sessions. It's about time someone came up with this genius idea!

Misty morning in autumn
Matlock misty morning

Gentle morning light on gritstone
Summer sunrise

Autumn leaves

More options

Kase Filters offers a wide range of options for photography, including landscape, creative, video drone, and night sky filters. Their holder systems, such as the Armer System and wolverine system, are highly acclaimed. The hard protective glass lives up to its "capture with confidence" label, allowing photographers to step back and create something special. There's truly something for everyone, making Kase Filters the obvious choice.

Finally, I would just like to confirm I have not been asked to do any of this nor do kase filters, even know I am creating this blog this is all my own opinion.

Chris Nowell Photography

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