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Stanage Edge

The reality is that January and February can be quite difficult in some areas of the UK for landscape photography. Unless you are lucky enough to receive a dumping of snow all those glorious frosty conditions it can just be in the majority flat grey skies. I for one used to put a lot of pressure on myself to try and achieve as many great images as I could over these cold months. Lack of light grey skies it's just the elements battling against you. So don't do it don't put pressure on yourself take it easy and just know that spring is round the corner.

However I still like to get out as much as I can. Even if it's just for a little bit of exercise and fresh air being outside as much as you can it's just good for many reasons. Let's take a look back at my January photography adventures.

Great Longstone

Two days into the new year and I was lucky enough to get back out ready to hopefully capture some glorious light. The journey began in the area of Great Longstone. Although I take very little images of this style it was one I've had in the back of my mind stored away for a rainy day. So when things did not work as planned for a sunrise in this area I knew I could grab this image on my way home if we got lucky with any light. Just a nice pleasant image with the morning light brightening up the building.

A few weeks later and we got lucky with some snow at last. It is not everyone's cup of tea but for landscape photography snow is something to get excited about. On arrival making our way up to Higger Tor it was surprising to see just how little snow had fallen on the higher ground in the distance. Initially I struggled to get myself creative not really seeing much. There was a few nice compositions of mini snowdrifts but apart from that it was difficult to see something jumping out at me. The light was pleasant with very nice pink tints in the sky and the wind was fairly pleasant however it just wasn't easy for me to see something worth photograph.

In spite of this, as I walked along the edge, fingers started jumping out at me

Snowy sunrise
Higger Tor

The large boulder of grit stone really stood out and I think this is because by now the colour wasn't as intense. However there was just enough shadow lighting the side of the boulder to get me excited. The images before was still great but it was this morning light of glowing shadows I really wanted. The trustee team of the Vanguard tripod worked flawlessly as usual with the Fujifilm Camera

Teamwork makes the dream work

Morning light

Next I had a few trips out which resulted in me not coming home with anything special at all. So these images were deleted straight away once I got home. Then it was another morning back out in the Peak District in the area of Stanage edge. With other plans already when we arrived making our way to the top of the hill and experienced the strong wind it was soon made a good idea probably not to bother going over the top and just try to capture something lower down. This was also as a result of the lack of light again.

A composition I have captured a few times and in fact one of them is one of my favourite images due to the perfect cloud and very nice light in the foreground. This image however is definitely not one of those photos I will remember or store away as a portfolio style image but just good to be out for a few hours with the camera and that's what it's all about.

Stanage Edge

gray skys at dawn
Mother Cap

Just before the snow disappeared, again, I did have one trip out and this was in the area of mother cap

Unfortunately, this morning was just too harsh with the grey skies, resulting in me coming home with very little to show for myself . At the end of the day, it's just about being outside, enjoying some fresh air, and taking the dog for a quick walk.

Monsal Trail

Then the following weekend, I had a fun few hours out with the family. What was supposed to be a short easy-going walk along the Monsel tunnel. Turned out to be still fun, but slightly stressful due to the frozen path.

Amazingly, no one fell over despite the freezing fog, although it was close a few times.

Cold Winters day
Ladybower Reservoir

We finish January again with my family, having a nice Saturday morning, walk around this side of Ladybower reservoir from the visitor centre. There was no photography to be had this day again, but a very pleasant 4 1/2 mile walk, just taken in the fresh air and scenery.

Over the last few years, we have planted a lot of spring bulbs in our garden. Which we can now see pushing themselves up. The snowdrops are filling out nicely, and the first colours of crocus can be seen.

I don't want to rush the year ahead, but I think we are certainly in need of those better days.

As always, thank you so much to everyone who checks this out. Your continuous support is very welcome.

Chris Nowell Photography


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