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Getting inspired

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

For many people the start of a new year with their landscape photography or which ever hobby you pick can bring many new hopes. However this isn't always the case sometimes lack of motivation other commitments and simple things such as the weather if it is constantly cloudy or raining the lack of sunlight can be a big disappointing factor. Last year around this time for example we was thrown into a lockdown meaning going out with the camera wasn't possible anyway. 12 months later and I think it's fair to say I am still not 100% motivated not like I was before the pandemic.

It's fair to say I am definitely in need of a boost right now not a huge one but a tiny kick up the backside. Which is a shame because the weather is shining nicely the conditions are almost perfect most mornings but I am definitely in need of a photography Win. Meaning I am in need of one of those killer shots. One of those perfect mornings with absolutely outstanding light. A photograph for example that I would be proud to print as I'm not really printing images out anymore or at the moment just because I've not shot anything that I feel is worth wasting the ink. In short I suppose I'm just feeling a little bit low a little bit frustrated and maybe a tiny bit dare I say it ever so slightly depressed. Which is not something I've ever actually said out loud or typed or even admitted. However yes I feel at times not often but the dark cloud of that monster can often find itself into my mind.

So let's say for example I'm not the only one I'm not the only photographer or artist or outdoor enthusiast feeling a little bit down at the moment. What do you do how do you shake it off where is the motivation going to come from?

Let's start with the outdoors. We all know the benefits of being outside or just a simple thing of going for a walk. The sunshine combined with the chill on your face and going for a gentle stroll listening to mother nature is full of huge benefits but of course you just need that push to get outside first. Which is exactly why I started landscape photography in the first place. After my injuries in Afghanistan I had a lot more time and I had a push or urge to get outside then when I was outside there was still something missing so landscape photography and documenting those memories became my joy. So to start off with I highly encourage people to take photos it doesn't necessarily have to be landscape photography it can be nature wildlife architecture trees people whatever you want obviously with their permission the people. But you can photograph whatever you want then you can document this in a number of ways for example projects.


Projects are a fantastic idea and this time of year although technically missing the first few weeks but one project that comes to mind is project 365. Pretty simple to understand take a photo every day for a year.

Why would you do this well lots of reasons really to complete the project of course and at the same time it's good to look back then at a year and look at the natural progression of your photography. Like I said before this does not have to be landscape photography that's for me and other photographers like me but you can photograph anything you want. The idea however is for your mind to be creative and think of the next day look for the future what you would want to photograph and your creative juices will naturally flow.


Next idea is collaborating.

I am definitely guilty of enjoying my own company. Sometimes too often I enjoy the peace and quiet of being alone whether it be at home or out in my local countryside. However we are social creatures as humans. We are designed to be with others and this is really helpful when you are with like-minded people. So collaborate with fellow artists or photographers meet up with friends or reach out to new organisations. Perhaps join a camera club where I live for example there is a very nice Dronfield camera Club which meets every Thursday I believe and that idea of being with like-minded photographers is good for everyone for so many benefits.


My next encouragement comes from travelling. If I like myself you are limited to the help of others mostly due to site limitations or other issues then organise a trip with a friend or loved one. Perhaps you're not ready to go far which again is absolutely fine but travelling and seeing new areas of the country for example it's just as powerful as a trip to Canada. An adventure can be whatever you make it it's all about how far you are willing to go. Take that trip that you've been putting off meet up with that friend that you've been saying your will for the last 20 years and simply complete your very own Everest. After all I don't know how to tell you this but you only have a Limited amount of tomorrow's.

Finally the inspiration comes from yourself if any other photographers or artists have their own form of inspiration do let me know or let others know who may need some encouragement. I do have a few plans for the year which include my own small local product and one or two plans to collaborate with other photographers but apart from that I plan to continue documenting the Peak district National Park and Derbyshire looking for new compositions as well as re-visiting some old favourites.

As always thank you to everyone who takes the time to check out my blog this the first one of 2022

Happy New Year

Chris Nowell photography


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