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Barlow in bloom

Between Chesterfield and Sheffield you will find a nice Village Called Barlow. Rich in stunning green landscapes and this year a Great Sunflower and wildflower meadows.

The Barlow Sunflowers and Village Pumpkins now open to the public.

Barlow Sunflowers

Sunflower Field
Sunflower Field


I first visited the Barlow sunflower field last week early one morning to have the whole place to myself. Although this is a pick your own sunflower location it is also perfect to just come up and grab A decent image for the morning quickly and get on with your day. however I had actually contacted the people afterwards explained and asked for permission and they kindly allowed me to return for more imagery.

The people that have organised these sunflowers I’ve done a great job with it being very busy for the working bumblebees even on a cold or at least cool morning. It was great to listen to the birds on the morning of us and enjoy the busy bees flying around me.

As always I was joined with the Vanguard tripod always starting a image by composing the shot with my positioning of the tripod. Then using the kase filter system before finally the new exciting Fuji film Way of life in the form of the XT 3 which I am still over the moon with and it continues to be a excellent piece of kit very helpful of my sight limitations and giving me a true result in the image before taking a shot of the mirror less camera.

After this I saw the Wheat or cornfield further down the hill so I composed a nice image with a good dramatic cloud in the backdrop.

Wheat Field

Village pumpkin

Next I ventured to the second sunflower field in Barlow this time the village pumpkin field which some of you may know for the fantastic pumpkins they grow themselves ready for the Halloween season. The pumpkins are nicely growing on a side field however they have decided this time to also do the wildflower meadow and sunflowers and it looks equally exciting and stunning as the other field. Once more they have created a stunning backdrop for imagery or just a picture and some flowers what is always great. Once more they are a really good size flower and height and a huge help to the bee population and all pollinating insects.

For this image similar set up again the Vanguard VEO 3+ tripod give me that perfect stabilisation as always. I did not bother with a filter this time as it was quite cloudy but as always the Fuji XT3 composed a decent colourful image.

Sunflower and wildflower meadow

Both of the sunflower fields and wildflower meadow are still open for you to come and enjoy and I would highly recommend.

If you are up for picking up your own sunflowers or just enjoying a walk around a wildflower meadow with nature and you will not be disappointed. Both organisers are very friendly and welcoming. I am told also that this could be a regular thing in the Barlow area so you can enjoy even more colour next year.

Chris Nowell



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